Changing the Identity Provider Google

I am new to TwinGate, I created a new tenant / network with my personal Google account just to try it out in view to making a case to my work to start using it. After using my personal Google account to sign up, I realised that this was not the best idea as it’s a pain with the 2FA all the time. I wanted to switch to a newly created Google account where I would not activate 2FA for an easier time logging in.

I came across your help page (Identity Providers | Docs), heading ‘Changing the Identity Provider’.

From your article, you say:

“From the options on your configured identity provider, you can disconnect the integration. When the identity provider is disconnected, all users and synced groups will be removed. You will be required to input an email address of the new user that will be set as the admin.”

I removed the integration with my original personal Google account (through Google account settings). At that time, there was no option through the TG admin page to sign in with new personal Google account. Just Google Workspace, which I do not have and this did not work as it asked me to ‘activate Google Workspace’ anyway.

When trying to login with my newly created personal Google account, I am getting the message:

“There is no matching user in this tenant”

So, I am forced to login with my original Google account.

Clearly I am missing something. Please can you tell me how do I change personal Google accounts for the Identify Provider requirement for the login to TG?

Thank you!

Hi there,

I don’t know the details of your tenant so I can’t look behind the scenes, but if you originally logged in with a personal google account (not a GSuite or Workspace account), you don’t have a custom IdP configured and this wouldn’t directly apply.

You would have to log in with your original account, and add a new user with your NEW Google account, and then you should be able to log in with that new account no problem.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Hi arthur,

Thank you so much for your super quick reply :slight_smile:

As you suggested, I created a new user based on my newly created Google account, then used the original account to make this new user an admin. Then using the ‘new’ admin, I demoted my original user in view to deleting it. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Something I just noticed, it seems that I have been put on a business trial of a few days. This will revert to the free plan shortly. I believe that the free plan does not allow 2 x admins. I wonder if this same procedure would have been possible after reversion to the free plan. Or whether in the free plan, it is possible for one user to ‘hand over the keys’ to another so to speak.

Anyway, thank you! All sorted for me.