Disable IdP from network


I received an email about the changes in billing so I started to change the groups I want to sync in my external IdP, but the problem is I selected a few groups and clicked in “save”, but I’m not inside in any of those groups (i know, it was a dumb move). So, now i’m locked outside from my Twingate account and I can’t fix this without connecting into admin console.

I have terraform access, but i can’t create a new user since the users are managed by my IdP. I tried to put myself into the groups I selected to sync, but has passed 2h after that and Twingate doesn’t resync, so I just cant login because it doesn’t recognize me as a valid user. It would be great if someone from twingate staff could remove my IdP config so I can create an user via terraform and then fix all this mess.

Hi Felipe,

if you can email me at arthur (at) twingate.com from your admin user email address with the following information, I can just update your user to be an Admin user which should get you back into the dashboard.

  1. Your Twingate url ie this.twingate.com
  2. The names of at least 3 of your existing resources
  3. The names of at least 3 of your colleagues with Twingate accounts
  4. The names of all your Twingate Connectors.



Thank you Arthur, i’ve just sent you an email with all information you requested! :slight_smile: