DNS issues - Unable to access few sites when Twingate is Loggedin

Hello team ,

I am trying to access few public hosted company sites but unable to access when the Twingate is loggedin my system. If i turnoff the Twingate and logout then i will be able to access our sites.

I suspect there is a DNS issue at my system but unable to traceout ,even i tried nslookup,ping and try to flush the DNS and re configured it. Still same issue Persists.

Your prompt help is highly appreciated.

Hello Deepika, welcome to the community. So glad you reached out!!!

It sounds like you might have a resource entry in your Twingate Controller that looks like this *.domain.com which will catch any matches that are hosts in the domain.com network. you might need to tailor your resources a little. An easy way to test would be to disable that resource in Twingate Admin console and log in to test access to public sites, re-enable the resource and your access should be disrupted. If so, we might be able to share a way to add more specific entries for internal resources which will then negate the need for the *.domain.com entry.

Hello Chris,

I did the same and it’s working fine after Logout& Disconnect from Twingate (As I mentioned in my Post). Could you please share Internal resource to solve this issue ?

what is the name of your Twingate Tenant?

since this is an open forum you can email me at chris at twingate dot com