Can't access or ping or any other website when running Twingate client on my Mac

Hello Everyone.

I have a problem when running Twingate client on my Mac.

the problem is I can connect perfectly to internet when I am not running the tunnel of Twingate on my Mac , but when I run it :

  • I can access all my resources on my remote network perfectly.
  • but the probleme is that when I want to access any other website on internet, → the page is not loading , and when I ping google I got the following message:
    ping: cannot resolve Unknown host
    but keep in mind that all my resources on my home lab are accessible.

in order to apply this architecture on my company it should work first on my home lab , so if there is any fees for support I can afford , I will go for it, but the problem that I cannot find the page of live support in Twingate website.

Hi there,

What is your DNS server set to prior to starting Twingate? Is it a local router/device or do you use your ISP’s DNS or a public provider? This is the first I’ve heard of DNS breaking just because you’re connected to Twingate, so this is definitely odd.


Hi Arthur
Thank you for taking time and replying me.

The dns in my router is a Google public dns
The dns on my Mac is also google dns

What I don’t know is ‘the dns prior to starting Twingate ‘

Can you provide where I can got this information

Thank you @Arthur for your reply.

If you’ve got Google DNS configured on the device and your router, it is likely that that is your DNS before you start Twingate, so we’re good there.

Can you give me the output of nslookup while you’re connected to Twingate please and thanks.

I don’t know what’s happen now but it is just working fine , and all I have done is change where the dhcp server begin giving addresses , at the beginning it was from to, and now is to, so I can give static ip address from: to

to reply to you question the nslookup gives me this :

Non-authoritative answer: