Twingate Client and Checkpoint VPN Client Problems

Installed the Twingate client on my work laptop the other day in order to access my home network. My job uses Checkpoint VPN and at first all worked fine, Twingate just had me make sure to not be connected to the Checkpoint VPN before I could connect to my network.

All was well for a couple days, but then today, the Twingate Client somehow corrupted Checkpoint’s setup and was perhaps overriding Checkpoints DNS designation, because essentially hostnames were not resolving properly when I was connected to the Checkpoint VPN. My Checkpoint VPN was still connecting properly and able to access network resources for my job, but only if I specifically used the IP address. Hostnames just weren’t resolving.

This didn’t start happening until I restarted the computer for some purpose and at that point Twingate repeatedly kept asking me to authenticate in order to access network resources, but I wasn’t attempting to connect to anything related to Twingate at the time. So, something was fruity.

I uninstalled Twingate and all the problems I was having went away.

Checkpoint Client is E82.20 Build 986101311
Twingate was the newest version as of 5/28

Hope that helps with some troubleshooting information. I’d like to reinstall Twingate for my purposes, but I won’t be able to till I know it’ll play nice.

When this happens can you try and do an nslookup on one of the DNS names that you are trying to access?

Twingate doesn’t normally “take” any DNS entries that aren’t explicitly granted to the user in the admin console, and I would suspect that anything in your home network has a different DNS than anything from your work.

If you can send that over that would help. Just nslookup when the error occurs.

If you can also turn on detailed logs in the client and send those to us in a secure way. In the client click more-troubleshoot-collect detailed logs to gather the logs (do this before the problem happens).