Windows public DNS resolution for private resource not working even after disabling Twingate


I just started using Twingate as a hobbyist and it seems like a great product!

The only issue I’ve had is with Public DNS. I understand that having a Public DNS entry resolve to a private IP is not supported in Twingate, but with Twingate disabled I still see my public DNS entry resolve to rather than 192.168.3.x from both nslookup in WSL as well as in my browser (where the hostname refuses to connect, despite directly navigating to the IP working fine). I’ve tried quitting Twingate, killing the Twingate service that seems to continue to run even after quitting Twingate, and manually flushed my DNS cache with ipconfig.exe /flushall to no avail. The only way I can fix it is to restart my computer and ensure Twingate doesn’t start at all.

I’m unsure why Twingate doesn’t clean up it’s DNS rerouting once the connections are deactivated or Twingate is quit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(For reference, I’m using Windows 11 as well as the most recent version of Twingate Client and Connector. I can give more info if needed, just don’t have access to my laptop at work)

Update: turns out it was related to the resolved name being the same as my router, so it would return an internal IP at times. Once I added a forced resolution entry it works with no issue.
Once I removed my public DNS entries, I was able to alias my domain name in TwinGate and still use TLS!