Can't connect from iphone 7 over 4g, WIFI is ok

I am trying to connect from an Iphone 7 while on 4G. The connection hangs on “Connecting … You will soon be asked to sign in”.

It works from WIFI and also OK on other versions of Iphone.

Any ideas?

Hi @phook,

that sounds like a possible limitation of your ISP. When connecting, your client will first establish a connection to Twingate’s Relay infrastructure over ports 443 but also to the 30000 - 31000 range (take a look here for specifics: Twingate Performance | Docs).

Hi Bren, Thanks for the response but I dont think it is the ISP as it is possible to us a later version IPhone on the same ISP and it works OK.

oh interesting, perhaps it is related to the iOS version then. What is the iOS version causing the issue?

Hi @Bren, I have the same problem on Android phone. It’s could be 4G related issue.

Hi Bren,

15.7.7 - this is the latest version for thsi model of iphone.

Hi @phook and @mykola

Can you tell me what default web browser you have set on your devices?

As well, do you know if either of your mobile providers are using IPV6 on their network?

In my case it is Brave 1.52.130, I use it as my default browser, but originally default was MiBrowser. No Chrome at all.

My provider use both (IP4 and IP6) address for 4G (on some sites I see my both addresses on some other only IP6).

@mykola do you happen to run any other sort of “Always On” VPN software on your phone? Potentially something set to take over when you’re not on wifi? We can recreate this issue if there’s a second piece of VPN software running (even if its not connected)

No, only this one. Looks like Brave has some sort of embedded VPN. I will investigate it more detailed.

I have the Twingate log (ZIP archive) from my smartphone. Give me the address and I will send it to you.

You can email to arthur (at)


Hi @Arthur
Any updates?

@Arthur Still nothing?

Hello, I am having exactly the same issue.

Iphone 12, iOS 16.

WiFi - App lets me log in on SSO and full access to all my resources.

Cellular (4G/5G Three, UK) - App doesnt allow login/auth, no SSO popup, just hangs on Connecting as above.

Hope this gets resolved, there are a few posts on this, but no feedback.