1.54 to 1.59:@ CONTROLLER_URL and CONTROLLER_NETWORK ?new variables ? missing?

long time user, upgrading from 1.54 to 1.59. On Synology NAS. My usual method is to download new image into new container, copy/paste the TENANT_URL, REFRESH_TOKEN and ACCESS_TOKEN into the new container, shut the old , boot the new , and it works.
This time the new container refuses to boot with the below error:

error: the following required arguments were not provided:
  <--controller-url <CONTROLLER_URL>|--controller-network <CONTROLLER_NETWORK>|--features>
Usage: connectord <--controller-url <CONTROLLER_URL>|--controller-network <CONTROLLER_NETWORK>|--features>

I cannot find any documentation telling me what value these variables should be - are they newly introduced after 1.54? can’t see them in release notes?

It doesn’t appear that you didn’t anything wrong, and those arguments aren’t ones you need to include in a typical deployment. If you haven’t already I’d check the guide for Synology setups (there’s one for DSM 6.x and one for DSM 7.x), both include ways to set up the Connectors and either automate updates or process the update in the UI without having to re-create the container each time.

I’d suggest trying to deploy following the guide (if you’re not on DSM 7 then search for the 6.x guide) using your existing parameters, see if that resolves the issue.

thanks. I always previous deployed using synology’s own docker front end, pulling down the images manually. I don’t think the documentation you pointed me to existed , at least not in this form , when I started doing it!

anyway I have just redeployed exactly as per the document you pointed me to and its worked perfectly. Nice to know that it will now auto-update as well.

Haha well the DSM7 guide I finished and put up that day I think :slight_smile: so you’re correct it didn’t used to exist but we’re always trying to update and create new documents for things like this.