Updating Connector on Docker on Synology NAS

Hello everyone,

I received an email regarding upgrading the connector. My connector runs on a
Docker Container on my Synology NAS.

I looked at the upgrading instructions but am unsure where I am supposed to use the command lines. If anyone could assist me, I would be really grateful.

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I do not believe there is anyway to update the existing container through the Synology DSM Docker application UI and there isn’t really a way to update a running docker container in general. Typically you just

  • Pull the latest docker image
  • Stop and remove the container running the old docker image
  • Create a new container with the newly pulled docker image

Normally you would have your data on a persistent storage location and when your container starts with the new image it has all its existing config data. (This isn’t how the twingate connector works.)

In your situation and because the twingate admin console makes it really easy to just build and copy/paste docker commands. I would just create a new connector and delete the old one. You can have them both running side by side until you confirm everything is good and then stop/remove the old one and then remove it from the twingate admin console. The connectors are replaceable.

Otherwise you can follow most guides out there on how to export/import docker images and how to pull new images to the repo. It’s all the same whether its apache or a twingate connector!

Thank you, Steven. I didn’t think of cloning the existing one. I try those steps you have outlined. Thank again.

Hi Jason68

I just managed to update mine, I connected to my Synology NAS via SSH (using windows PowerShell)

but first you need to enable SSH on the Synology NAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCCIMRbAUp8

After connecting to the Synology NAS via ssh, I was able to run:
curl -s https://binaries.twingate.com/connector/docker-upgrade.sh | sudo nohup sudo bash

… I may have been admin when I ran the command as I did 1st run
sudo docker container ls

Hope that helps

Hi all (and anyone who finds this forum post later on),

We’ve updated our documentation on getting Connectors setup on a Synology NAS, with guides now focused on DSM 7.x and DSM 6.x or earlier. As there’s some large differences between these two versions of DSM and how to deploy and upgrade your Connector, we wanted to provide two versions of the guide.

Synology NAS DSM 6.x Guide
Synology NAS DSM 7.x Guide

Hope these help :+1:

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