Synology: Connectors not connecting

I’m trying to get Twingate working from a Synology NAS. I’ve found two slightly differing guides for doing this here and here. (They differ from each other in a few settings for the Docker container.) However, when I follow either guide, when I get to the stage where the Connector should turn up as connected on my Twingate admin page, that’s not what happens. The Connector stays greyed out and “Not yet connected”. I’m unfamiliar with both Docker and Twingate, so not sure what the next troubleshooting steps should be. Has anyone out there succeeded by following one or the other of these guides? Any advice?


Did you manage to make any progress with this ? I’m seeing exactly the same issue on my Synology NAS. Just looks like the container is “offline” in Docker … Synology firewall is off. Keen to get this sorted !

Nope; no progress. I’ve just given up on Twingate, at least for now. Tailscale seems like an alternative, and I’ve got that running much more easily. Good luck to you!


this is possible for sure, I have it running on my own Synology:

The first guide you point to is the one I followed originally.

Is the container for your connector marked as Running in Docker on your NAS?