WSL2 client needed?

Hi, I have installed the Twingate client on Windows, and it successfully allows access to DNS-based hostnames and IP resources. However, when I connect to my Ubuntu on WSL2, DNS resolution doesn’t work through the Twingate client on Windows, and I’m unable to access a secured resources.

I attempted to install the Twingate client for Linux on WSL, but the installation process detected that my Linux system is not encrypted and does not have a firewall enabled. Our minimum requirements mandate that both of these features be enabled.

What would be the best option for gaining access to my resources through a WSL instance?

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I’m having some success running a docker connecter on Windows, where Docker is running a WSL2 instance. In my case, I’m only trying to access WSL2 resources.

@croosso - If you take a look at Fix DNS resolution in WSL2 · GitHub - does this user provided script resolve the issue? It sounds like it may not be pulling the correct DNS info in.

Or, does it make any difference if you have your WSL instance shut down BEFORE you connect to Twingate, and then only start it up once you’ve connected?

Thanks @Arthur ! The fix for the DNS resolution works!

Thanks for the answer @Akahadaka but in my case, It was not for a connector but to run script on my WSL where I need to connect a protected resource. The trick is for the linux instance running on WSL to use the Twingate DNS server from the Windows host.