Twingate VPC Inbound and Outbound traffic rules


I have recently set up Twingate on an AWS VPC. I am trying to to get Twingate to connect to specific resources on the subnet through UDP port 8000.

Whenever I try to connect to the resource the connection fails with just the outbound rules configured for the EC2 instance’s security group.

Only when I configure the inbound rules does it actually connect to the resource. I know the Twingate documentation says that Twingate only needs the outbound rules. How can I resolve this to require only outbound rules?

Hi @Jrlern,

just to confirm, you have a Twingate Connector deployed in a VPC on AWS and would like to use the Twingate Client on a device to connect, via Twingate to a resource on the AWS side via UDP port 8000?

Connectors do not need any outbound port to function however in your scenario, I would double check a few things:

  • can the Connector in AWS connect to the resource via UDP port 8000?
  • is the Twingate Resource implemented correctly to intercept traffic for that resource?

take a look at the troubleshooting guide here as well, it might help: