How to route all traffic through my infra

Hey everyone, i am a new Twingate’s user.
I wanted to know, if i could route all of the traffic through my infrastructure ?

I saw this in the FAQ :

Does all traffic need to be routed through my infrastructure?

No. Twingate is split tunnel by default, meaning that only access to resources that you’ve added to Twingate will result in traffic passing through your infrastructure. Zoom calls and access to public websites, for example, don’t get routed through your infrastructure, decreasing lag for users and reducing congestion on your network.

I do understand the purpose of the split thing but is there a way to “disable” this ?

Hey jaaaj,

If you define two resources as follows:

  1. A DNS resource for *
  2. An IP Resource for

You will turn Twingate into essentially a Full Tunnel Remote access solution where all traffic from a connected client machine will route through your connector(s).



Is there an order of operations for this?

If I have 1 network with connectors in a specific location (geolocation) and resources defined explicitly, then another network in another location with connectors and a catch all resource defined as ‘*’. Will twingate route explicit addresses through the network they are attached to or will the catch all network override everything?


There is a sort of order of operations yes, and my understanding of how the Client works (this may have changed at some point) is that it will first attempt to use any Resource that most explicitly matches the DNS address/IP that has been requested (before any more broadly defined ones), and in the case of multiple overlapping Resources (such as two with identical IP addresses hosted in two separate Remote Networks) it will order them in chronological order and use the oldest by created date first.

You could test this by creating a Resource such as * and then *.*, put them in the same Remote Network, and then go to and check to see which of the two picked up the request and handled it.

With the new gui, I can add the resource but not the DNS. Any help you can provide? Thanks

I apologize, I do not understand exactly what you mean when you say you can add the resource but not the DNS. Can you give me some more information or post a screenshot of where you’re experiencing the issue?


Thank you so much. Works perfectly.

This works great until I have to re-authenticate. When it comes time to re-authenticate I cannot as Twingate is not up and the traffic wants to go through Twingate. Did I miss something in the setup or has this stopped working somewhere between 12/23 and 2/24?

Note: I am on the free plan.

Hi @edremington, I believe I just answered this in another thread, take a look at device only policies for wildcard style resources.