How to route all traffic through my infra

Hey everyone, i am a new Twingate’s user.
I wanted to know, if i could route all of the traffic through my infrastructure ?

I saw this in the FAQ :

Does all traffic need to be routed through my infrastructure?

No. Twingate is split tunnel by default, meaning that only access to resources that you’ve added to Twingate will result in traffic passing through your infrastructure. Zoom calls and access to public websites, for example, don’t get routed through your infrastructure, decreasing lag for users and reducing congestion on your network.

I do understand the purpose of the split thing but is there a way to “disable” this ?

Hey jaaaj,

If you define two resources as follows:

  1. A DNS resource for *
  2. An IP Resource for

You will turn Twingate into essentially a Full Tunnel Remote access solution where all traffic from a connected client machine will route through your connector(s).