Connection AWS x Twingate

I would like to understand how I can make a connection to twingate in the following way: basically, this connection is from our AWS network on a machine that was created by a third party and is hosted by that third party, but shared with us via direct connect. Is it possible to make this connection?

Hi @maoliv welcome to the Twingate Forum!!!

It sounds possible with the Twingate Client and a connector. What resources would the 3rd party hosted VM be accessing and where are they located?

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hey! @chris-twingate
We need to access this machine that is hosted on the third party from our AWS infrastructure via remote desktop or ssh and our AWS infrastructure is connected to this machine via direct connect. it makes sense?

Here is a topology to help explain

Hi @maoliv yes this makes sense. If you have either the FQDN or the IP Address for the 3rd party hosted machine, you can add it as a resource for the Remote Network (in Twingate Admin Console).

As long as the connector running in ECS can reach across the DirectConnect and has the proper security group rules in place your client should be able to tunnel through the connector in ECS and access 3rd party machine.