Cannot RDP into a machine that is connected to a Twingate network

I have a windows PC that is connected to a Twingate network.
When the connection is active, I cannot RDP into this machine from another machine on the local network.

Is this expected? How to overcome this?

Hey Alex,

That is definitely not expected behaviour. Can you tell me more about the machine/network setup? are they both windows? Is the machine you’re trying to connect FROM also connected to Twingate, or is it just a generic machine?

I have a few different machines I run Twingate on and I can’t replicate any issues with RDPing into them.

Let me know some additional detailsa nd we’ll see what we can figure out!



Apologies for taking so long to reply.
This isn’t an issue - I think it’s because the host machine was connected to a VPN as well as TwinGate