Twingate cannot Access Local DNS

Hi so i have pihole and nginx proxy manager setup so I can access all my different servers.

When Im connected to wifi i can go to syn.local for example and it will take me to my Synology NAS.

But when im on my phone on 5G connected to the twingate VPN I can only access the synology nas through the ip address but not the local dns.

Ive tried reinstalling the connectors and Im at a loss for what to do to fix this

Where is the Connector installed on your network? It sounds like the DNS settings for it don’t allow it to access whatever is managing those local host entries, if that’s the pihole or your router or something else.

I’d suggest checking wherever the Connector is setup first, if you can remote in to it (if it’s a VM for example) and try running some nslookup commands against those local hostnames, see if it can even resolve them. If not then there’s a DNS configuration issue on that system that needs to be resolved.