Accessing mapped drives without domain


i dont have a domain setup at home but i do have a network of sorts. i have 2 nas drives, 2 windows pcs and a 3rd windows pc acting as a sql / vault server machine.

when i had my home vpn i could connect and access mapped drives like i was local but with twingate i cant seem to find a solution allowing me to do the same?

is it possible without a domain?
if so, how?

i dont know how to set up a domain. my synology nas has a dns server but thats all out of my area. also id want to access my network with my work laptop when im away and i cannot change domain on that


Hey Nacho,

If you add Twingate resources for your NAS host (nashost01) or whatever the hostname is, it may work, as the connector will attempt to look up that host via the local DNS server, and you should be able to do that without officially joining a domain.

Let me know if thatw orks.