Issue connecting to .local websites on my LAN using Twingate

First off, I’m running Twingate Linux on a yunohost install.
I’m able to connect to my servers’ 192.168.1.x ip to access the admin settings, but when I try and access the rest of my server, through https://yunohost.local/ it cannot find it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

HI Jae,

I’m not sure what your tenant slug is so I’m unable to look at your configuration to confirm some things.

  1. Do you have yunohost.local defined as a Twingate resource.
  2. If you do a lookup for yunohost.local from the machine/container the connector is running on, does it resolve properly?

Those two things will be the first steps but if they’re both good let me know and we can dig deeper.



Hey Arthur!
I am pretty sure I do have yunohost.local defined, and im not exactly sure what tenant slug is.
Also would you have an idea on how to do a lookup for that url on my system?

Hey Jae,

It would just be whatever the first part of the URL to your twingate dashboard is - for example - your slug would be jae :slight_smile:

Well, you just found my slug!
Its literally! :grinning:

Hey Arthur, do you have any updates?

Hey Jae, sorry for the delay. Missed your response!

So yes, taking a look at the connection attempts from your tenant, I see every time you’ve tried to connect to yunohost.local the DNS is failing, which means that hostname doesn’t actually mean anything to the local DNS/DNS server of the connector machine.

If you edit /etc/hosts on the connector machine, and add in the following line: yunohost.local

and then try again, does the behaviour change?