Troubleshooting - Remote VNC and Web Connections

I am able to connect to my network just fine via ssh. But when I try to connect to a web server, or via VNC - I get an error that the connection was reset. I did check the logs and nothing is jumping out at me. Any thoughts on troubleshooting?

Hey Kramer,

Can you give me a bit more info about your setup:

  1. Are you SSHing into the same machine you’re trying to access the web server/VNC on or is it a separate instance?
  2. What OS(es) are you running the client on that’s failing?
  3. Are you connecting from an entirely separate network? Is it mobile or otherwise?
  4. How is the connector deployed on the network?
  5. What’s your tenant slug? ie the xyz in (feel free to DM me if you don’t want to post it publicly.)



Hello - I think I found it. The system that was hosting the connector was getting in the way, I started a fresh install and fresh connector and all looks ok so far. Sorry for the dust up!!