Windows-Native Connector

I read somewhere (forums, I think?) that Twingate is working on a Windows-native connector - is there any kind of ETA or target date for that project? Or project updates/details, like progress and if it’s going to work on Windows Server?

The Windows connectors are a constant headache and literally my only complaint about Twingate.

Multipass connectors on Windows 10 refuse to load until someone logs into the computer, killing the connector every time Windows auto-restarts to install updates.

Docker connectors on Windows Server 2022 survive 50% of restarts, at best, without having to recreate the instance.

I know that timelines for software development are not an exact science, but is there a ballpark to keep hope alive?

it didnt work for me, i ended up buying a rasberry pi instead, it took 5 mins with that…

i want to speak with our IT team about twingate as our vpn is shocking for a 5000 + multi national company but almost off the bat if it doesnt work windows it will be a no and there will be a 1 shot time to suggest the solution