Start twingate without sudo (Linux)

like the title says, for convenience I’d like to stop and start twingate with my user without using a sudo password. I tried adding a group twingate and adding my user to the group, then chown to make the /etc/twingate directory owned by root:twingate, and making the directory group-writeable.
But then I got:

Failed to start twingated
Execution returned an error code with the message: Unexpected directory group owner

@alexb this is similar to Cannot start the linux client - #4 by ironrobin
maybe it can be a feature request to ship twingate with root:twingate ownership of /etc/twingate so that those who want to add their users to a twingate group can use twingate without entering sudo or a password every time, similar to what docker does!

Today, I’d recommend against doing this. The Twingate client does some things as a pretty low level, such as setting itself up as your system’s DNS resolver and taking ownership of /etc/resolv.conf. I believe these sorts of things need to be done as root on most systems.

We’ll keep this in mind as a feature request!

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If it’s just about not wanting to type your password for the sudo command, you can edit the /etc/sudoers file and add:

your_username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

You can also get more granular about it. Google for more details.