Linux: Incorrect owners set for /etc/twingate (Unexpected directory group owner)

Hey there,
I found an issue trying to setup twingate on my Arch Linux machine.

Here was the output:

$ sudo twingate setup
Twingate Setup 1.0.82+83848 | 0.145.1
By continuing, you agree to the User Terms of Service (
and acknowledge the Privacy Policy ( [A]gree/[q]uit: A
Enter the name of your Twingate network (eg. "acme" for ""): XXXX
XXXX is a valid Twingate network
Do you want to automatically start the Twingate service at boot? [Y/n]: 
Enabled Twingate to start automatically
Do you want the Twingate service to automatically login after restart?
This requires saving authentication data in /var/lib/twingate (accessible only to root) [y/N]: 
Do you want to automatically share application error reports with Twingate? [Y/n]: 
Do you want to start Twingate now? [Y/n]: 
Failed to start twingated
Execution returned an error code with the message: Unexpected directory group owner

I found out that it was because the folder /etc/twingate generated by twingate had my user’s group as the owner instead of root.

By typing:

$ sudo chgrp root --recursive /etc/twingate

Seemed to fix it.

Thought I would add this here as I couldn’t find a solution online and maybe this could get fixed in a later update.