Re-Authentication trouble

When a new authentication session is needed, twingate will prompt me to re-auth, but it doesn’t actually appear to do anything. Its not until I log out of twingate and log back in that I can access any of our dev sites.

Hi @Ben1,

are you using an Identity Provider or “Social Logins”? Do you happen to have a Twingate Resource defined for the identity authority you use?

I am using an Identity provider (google) to access twingate. It has been defined and is regularly used by other users. We did recently change our mdm solution for our office, but no others have had this re-authentication issue.

Hey Ben,

When you say it “prompts you to reauth but then doesnt do anything” - is it giving you the notification/popup that additional auth is required, but when you click on that, it’s not opening a browser?

Is this on macOS, Windows or Linux? What’s the default browser on the machine this is happening on?

Let me know and I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it.



After I’m prompted to re-authorize I am unable to access any of our environments and do not receive any additional notification or pop-up. This is on macOS and the default browser I am using is Chrome.

If you click on the Twingate icon in your taskbar once you’ve been prompted to reauth - do you see “Additional Authentication Required” at the top, and if so, what happens when you click on it?

Hi there, we can close this now. It all seemed to be related to a delayed response on my device side. All is well