Re-authentication triggered too often - sometimes multiple times a day

Running Twingate for a while - Docker/on prem/Mac. Issue is that the twingate client constantly asks for re-authentication - sometimes several times a day - often in the middle of a database access request - just stops the underlying app cold. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it asks.

Config is as simple as it gets - literally out of the box twingate Docker provider, one default security policy (the one that is twingate default) which states it will ask to re-authenticate once every 5 days. I use Github as my identity provider, the staff use Microsoft O365 as theirs. Affects us all, all the time. Github does not ask for me to re-authenticate except at least every 30 days probably more.

I have read over forum posts and the manual, I do not see any obvious settings to get this to stop asking for re-authentication - or at least only ask for re-auth on startup of the underlying app, or only after login or once a day at some time my staff are not in my database etc. Just looking for ideas where I might look.

Hey Mike,

This is indeed odd behaviour. Everything looks to be configured properly on your side.

Is there any rhyme or reason to the connectivity issues, or similarity between users (ie if one is prompted, is everyone prompted) or is it intermittent/scattered through both time and the userbase?

Are you changing networks between logging in and getting the reauth request? Or ever choosing to “Log Out & Disconnect” from Twingate at all? This definitely shouldn’t be happening so I’d like to see if we can isolate WHY it might be.



I just turned on verbose logging and will see if I can figure it out - we are all now WFH, static, so very little changes - even the IP address often is static. My machine is more involved (xcode/dev stuff, running local servers etc) so its possible my particular environment is causing issues. Also, I am the only one using github for identity. Will report back more if I can see more from logs.