Windows: Authentication after ever reboot

Hi community,
the Twingate client is running very well on my phone and tablet, but with my main working OC (Windows) I’m not happy at all.
What bothers me is that I have to log in again after every reboot. On the website I configured that a login should only be necessary every 14 days. I have also verified my Windows device via the website, but I am still prompted to log in every time I reboot.

Is there anything I can do to suppress the authentication each reboot?

I see the same behavior, however I think I like it forcing a re-authentication after a reboot. Seem like a security gap otherwise.

What I would like to see is the tray icon to show you’ve been disconnected after a reboot (currently it does not).

Ok, glad to know this is not just me. I have went over my policy several times thinking I must have missed something. Is this going to be addressed in a future update? Very annoying for my non-technical users.

It is annoying not only for non-technical personal. It’s also annoying for tech savvy guys like us.