Quit twingate is not stopping service

Hi, my company is using twingate. I frequently need to resolve DNS both with and without Twingate.
Let’s say I have to resolve “something.contoso.com”. When twingate is running it works fine. However if I quit twingate from taskbar and try to “nslookup something.contoso.com” it still resolves the “twingate-dns” (100.x.x.x) and not the public DNS. I tried to run “ipconfig -flushdns” but still same issue. Opening Services.msc and stopping the “Twingate Service”, resolves the issue, however I believe that quiting Twingate from task bar should be sufficient, and I also believe that this has worked previously. I think this is a bug in later version, I tried reinstalling twingate but still same issue.

Twingate version: 2023.318.428 | 0.151.1
Windows version: 11, 22H2

Hi Torbjorn,

Unfortunately, to actively disable Twingate’s interception of DNS, you will need to choose the “Log Out & Disconnect” option rather than the “Quit” option. Choosing Quit will still leave the service running in the background (and thus the DNS interception, as you saw).

This is how things are currently designed to work and have for several versions now.

Let me know if you have any other questions.