Problem with dns when using headless mode

I have used the twingate client on windows 10 for a while now (both with ip address and fqdn). The next step in trying twingate out was to install it headles, so I do not have to authenticate everytime I startup the computer. This works only partially, because when I use my cell phone to connect to the ip address it works fine, but when trying to use the FQDN, the server cannot be found. I would really like to use the FQDN because that will make it a lot easier for other clients to use the server (more inexperienced people that need to use the server as well).

Any help is appreciated.

I apologize if I’m misunderstanding your use case, but the fact that you’re running the headless client on windows should have absolutely no bearing on whether or not you’re able to access resources by fqdn from your cell phone. Is it an iOS device or an Android device?