No internet after Windows Updates

We have our environment configured using a device only resource policy that I built using this guide: Device-only Resource Policies | Docs | Twingate

It works great except when Windows does its updates. If a user leaves their computer in the office overnight and Windows performs updates, the next morning the user will have to log out and in to Twingate to get network access.

Is there a workaround, fix, or change I can do so the laptop doesn’t lose network access when Windows performs updates?

In the instances where employees leave their machines at the office, are they going to sleep overnight or remaining on for the duration?

They are going to sleep it seems after Windows installs updates. When they don’t have Window’s updates, they stay on all night just fine and don’t sleep.

I know we’re currently investigating some issues surrounding the client and sleep, so hopefully in a new version very soon we will have this issue dealt with. As soon as I get confirmation the fix is in the wild we will let you know!

Sounds good. Thank you for the information. We can work around it for now.

@Arthur - Just reaching out to see if there’s any update to this issue. We’re still working around it but curious if there’s an update.