What would cause the 'No Internet Connection' Icon? on Windows 10

What would cause the ‘No Internet Connection’ Icon? on Windows 10, while connected. Wan connection is working fine.

  1. Machine IP for resources (2)
  2. Alias are being used.



Have you checked this article to see if this resolves your issue ?

Windows leverages Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) to examine network connectivity by attempting to connect to a handful of Microsoft-hosted IPv6/AAAA and IPv6/A endpoints. If native IPv6 is present, Windows will default to preferring IPv6 over IPv4, and if resolving the designated Microsoft AAAA DNS endpoints fails, NCSI indicates no Internet access (even if resolving the A DNS record succeeds).

I’m sorry, yes I did run that command with the same results shortly after a reboot.

I’ve also found an app that cannot reach the internet while in this state. (Acronis) I suspect it’s not even trying to connect and just seeing the windows “no internet state” and fails to perform backup.

More observations on this problem. It appears this condition is only present when the machine wakes from sleep.