Internet is completely cut off from the device

Recently I’ve started using Twingate as it started being a requirement on my work, but I have a strange problem with it. Once it is activated, the Internet is completely cut off from the device I can’t even ping any website from the terminal, tried to reset the router but the issue still persists.
Only failed & timeout requests.
I’ve check the logs file and this showed up

2024-01-16 00:50:22.156+0200 [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [doh] check_multi_info: request failed Timeout was reached Failed to resolve host '' with timeout after 0 ms
2024-01-16 00:50:22.156+0200 [DEBUG] [libsdwan] doh_response_cb: DoH request failed, response_code -1

My device is Macbook Pro M1 and the Twingate version is 2023.332.5233 | 0.153.1
DNS servers configured in my network setting are and
Looking forward for your help