[msg] Nameserver [my_ip]:53 has failed: request timed out

hi, I installed twingate on DSM7 with this guide.
connection is fine from mobile network. but “port 53 error” appear randomly.
heres my logs and container settings.
スクリーンショット 2023-12-11 215344
logs on pastebin

I don’t install DNS Server and not open 53port(firewall and router).
can I fix it? thanks

It looks like your network is using ipv6 primarily, and Twingate does not currently have any sort of support for v6.

Are you able to revert the connector container/VM to the ipv4 side of things? Though even if you are, you will be unable to reach any of your v6 addresses over Twingate.

I turned off IPv6 in Control Panel → Network → Network Interface.

[msg] Nameserver [240b:10:cd61:8600::1]:53 has failed: Network is unreachable 

how can I disable in twingate’s settings?

You may need to restart your system, or at the very least, Twingate. Our application doesn’t have any specific settings to disable ipv6 as we don’t support it, so it will still be coming from the system.

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