DNS request timeout when connecting with another VPN

My company uses Twingate to grant access to some resources, and I always stay connected to another VPN.

When I connect to Twingate (With the other VPN) I have a DNS issue while browsing all the websites not just the company resources.
I can ping an IP and use telegram as an example, but cannot browse/use any web-based app/website.
I did a dnslookup and found out that I have this issue when both of them connected together.

DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.

Platform: Windows 11

I CAN NOT use Twingate alone since I cannot join the network without a VPN.

Did anybody faced this issue before?

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, due to the way that Twingate handles DNS resolution for routing to private resources, we conflict with pretty much any VPN client/solution out there, and you will generally experience problems like what you’re facing when trying to do so.

Which particular VPN client are you using, I can take a look and see if we have any known workarounds for it.



Hi Arthur, it’s Proton VPN