Icon label always on screen

The system tray Icon label “Twingate” is always on screen on Windows 11.
This label should only appear when I hover mouse over the icon in system tray, but it randomly appears on top of everythings else on screen. It normally appears in bottom left area of screen but can also appear anywhere on screen. I’ve tried everything to stop it including a full format and reinstall but can’t get ride of it. Very annoying.
Anyone got any ideas?
Twingate icon label

Hi @Dino, can you try the following, and what version of the client are you using on which OS build? (i.e. 2023.318 on 22621.2861)

  • “Log out and disconnect”, then “Quit” the application. This will close the UI and stop the service.
  • Ensure the service is stopped by opening up powershell in admin and inputting the following:
    • Get-Service -Name 'Twingate.service' | Set-Service -Status Stopped
  • Reboot

Let me know if it reproduces or persists.

Hi Grady,
Client version is 2023.318.428 on Windows 11 Ver 22631.2861
Have tried stopping service & reboot.
Also, as i mentioned, I have gone as far as a format and clean Windows install, but problem still persists.
The icon label is only there about 50% of time.
Problem is only minor but can be very annoying especially when using full screen apps like watching video etc.

Hi @Dino,

Thank you for checking! Apologies that it’s getting stuck for some reason - I will report this back to our client team so they are aware.