Headless on windows

Hi, could someone help me understand how to properly install headless clients on windows
I’ve read this but I am still confused.

do I just run this in cmd replacing the path with a location on the client pc with the file from services?:

TwingateWindowsInstaller.msi service_secret=C:\path\to\service_key.json /qn

thank you!

yes. In my case I had to open the windows command prompt in Administrative Mode otherwise the install would just fail. You could run the command without the /qn parameter so you get the proper install dialog window with a little (but really just a little) more information but you at least get an error message, if the install fails which you won’t in quiet install mode.


the only “gotcha” here is that I see some folks run the command using a relative path to the .json file but the command requires an absolute path.

For example:

the following command will not work:

TwingateWindowsInstaller.msi service_secret=.\somefolder\service_key.json /qn

the following command will work:

TwingateWindowsInstaller.msi service_secret=C:\users\myuser\downloads\service_key.json /qn