Gaining access to Twingate without an Apple ID

Hello Twingate
I am trying to gain authentication via Twingate but due to a momentary Apply ID issue, I cannot.
Our head of infrastructure and security sent me the following link, and although I have been able to install it, I have not received a welcome email from Twingate as necessary wit the network name I need. What can I do to move this forward, please?

Hi @darcydornan,

the network name (also known as the tenant name) is unique to your organization therefore your head of infrastructure should be able to tell you what to use there.

Bren, thank you for your response. I also now have the network name.
I can’t, however, seem to reach the login page again as nothing happens when I click on the exe. file nor app.
Any and all troubleshooting ideas you may have would be most appreciated.



thanks for the clarification @darcydornan!

take a look at the troubleshooting guide here, there is a specific section for the Client in there.

It might also be worth taking a look inside your Client’s logs (see here), there might be some useful information in there.

Since you are unable to connect, I don’t think the issue is on the Connector side so not much troubleshooting needed there at this point.

Thank you again Bren. I will check out these links…