For those of us who are colour blind

In the Twingate admin panel, for some of us who are colour blind, the little red and green indiator docs can very confusing and sometimes VERY difficult to be sure as to their setting.
Could I please request that you instead use a red :x: and a green :white_check_mark: or similar instead?

Regards and thank you.


This is a valuable suggestion. Thank you DingoBlue. I will make sure the Product team sees this!

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into at least changing the contrast of the red and green so that people with color blindness can spot a difference between the states. There’s also a tooltip on hover that clarifies, but I can imagine it’s not helpful when you’re trying to quickly scan a lot of items.

– Zach, VP Design

You may find this link to an article produced by the University of North Carolina useful. Hope I am not being presumptive.
Thank you for looking at this.

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