Custom Logo for the "Network" and "Login" pages


Are there plans to allow loading a custom logo in the Network and Login pages?
As of now, a square with rounded corners and the capitalised initial letter of the network are shown.

This is not a dealbreaker but would provide a familiar clue to the users, compared to a generic letter.


HI there!

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer this feature, however it is something that has been brought up a few times previously and we do have an open feature request for it.

I can’t give any sort of a timeline, but I can say we do know it’s wanted, and will of course make sure to sing it far and wide when it is available!



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Thanks for calling this out! While it’s not on our roadmap yet, it’s definitely something the design team has explored and would love to bring to life in the product one day.

– Zach, VP Design

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