Error ['User origin with the username already exists.']

Hi What did you do if you find this error when authenticating twingate?
I already uninstall install, clear cache and coockies, and restart in command prompt

Hi @shirlyappen,

there is nothing to change on the client side, this is usually an error that occurs when you try to log in with your account outside of the Identity Provider your user is registered against.

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Hello bren. Ive been encountering this error. I do not know what to do. can you help me ?

Hi @markChristian - you will need to reach out to Appen directly for support with this.


@Arthur @Bren Could you please explain what would Appen need to do to solve the error? Could you let me know, and I can foward the info directly to them. They have not been able to solve the issue after I reached out and reported it many times repeatedly for over two months. Thank you!

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Same here, I am experiencing the same error. Been contacting Appen support for so long that I don’t get solutions nor closures on their end.

Been trying their suggested solutions but they don’t work at all.

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I have the same problem… Appen doesn’t reply to my support tickets about this and Twingate says it’s not their problem… What am I suppose to do to get this issue fixed so I can get back to work???

Error [‘User origin with the username already exists.’]

Hi there! We will look to reach out to the Appen admins to see how we can assist here or escalate concerns.

To hopefully clarify, this has to do with the identity provider and what it provides to Twingate in terms of users/groups. This error is typically present when a user signs in from an origin different than what is configured for the tenant (i.e. google workspace vs okta).

Grady, thank you for the quick reply!! This is a new problem for me as I was successfully using Twingate prior to 2-3 weeks ago when they rolled out their new site. Hopefully TG will be able to make contact with them so I can work again. --jackie

To all existing and future Appen readers - we’ve been told to relay that going to Appen support is still the best path forward here and are working with Appen’s IT admins to ensure that these are being escalated.

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