Disable resource at client level


I have 2 physical locations:

  • Office → remote network A → resource 192.168.40.*
  • Home → remote network B → resource 192.168.90.*

I use TG at home and office.

I was expecting that TG figures out that when I’m at home (network 192.168.40.*) he will not route via TG. But based on ping being significantly slower - I believe it is.

I was wondering if there is option to disable resource at client level.

So when I’m at home I would disable at windows client resource for the home and when in office → resource to the office.

Or maybe I’m missing something conceptually?

Thank you for advices:)

Hi there,

By default, we don’t do any sort of local routing for Twingate resources as it’s our belief that Zero Trust means just that, even if you’re on the same network.

That being said we’ve recently been doing some work on ways to improve connectivity/speed in situations like yours. It is currently an optional feature but I’ve gone ahead and enabled it on your tenant.

Can you log out and back into Twingate and let us know if you see any improvement in speeds at all?