IdP/Azure AD on Trial/Free plan


I just signed up on twingate for Personal/Home usage. While playing around, i connected my Azure AD tenant for authentication.

After that, i realized that only the paid Business Plan supports usage of the IdP. Instead of the paid plan i just wanted to use the free plan.
Unfortunately the IdP is irreversibel and i already registered my desired name on twingate.

Is there a way to delete my account/network and register it again?

And what will happen after the trial period, when using IdP for authentication? As far as i understand, access to twingate should not be possible anymore.


Hi @jotun, we will be adding the ability to disconnect the IdP via the Admin UI soon but in the meantime you can contact us via to ask for IdP to be disconnected.

If instead you want you account deleted, you can also create a ticket and request account deletion.

Hi @Emrul. Thank you for replying.

I already tried to get in contact via helpdesk. But with trial oder Starter plan, there is no possibility to contact the support.

“Unfortunately we are unable to provide product support or troubleshooting assistance for Starter, Teams, or trial Business accounts. Should you need assistance beyond the Twingate Docs or Twingate Help Center, we encourage you to post on the Twingate Forum for community support.”

As the statement suggests, i posted my question here in the forum.

What can i do to get my account deleted or revert back to non-IdP?


Hi @jotun - apologies for that. We should be able to revert your IdP. Can you re-submit a ticket via the help system and provide a link to this forum post.


Hi, we have the same problem. In the trial period we have connected Azure IdP. Now I can neither remove user nor remove connection to IdP. We would like to switch to Teams plan, but so without help it is difficult.

Thanks for any help in advance.