Connection through twingate going from client's IP (not from network point IP) or going not through Twingate

Hello, we have some troubles with connections through Twingate.
have few PCs. All of them have the same access.
remote servers a closed for connections except for our network point server.
Some of PCs can’t connect to the remote server (not all servers).
I see that route on PC going by Twingate interface.
But on the remote servers I see that connection was initialized from PC’s IP,
but not from our network point IP. Connections to others servers of this group are correct.
Where do I have to look for the problem (Twingate logs are empty).


Can you explain what you mean by network point server?

Typically in this scenario you would tell any remote resource to only allow access from the IPs of the Twingate Connectors you have deployed.

You then add the remote resources IPs or DNS as resources in the admin console under that Remote Network where those Connectors from above are deployed.

The remote servers you are trying to RDP into would not allow access from anything but the IPs of your connectors.

Is that how you are setup?

OK. The network point is the “Remote network” in Twingate.
Found the next.
I can’t connect to remote server by SSH if I use mobile devise for network connection.
If I use the office or home network - it works well.
I can’t connect to port 22, but I can connect to different port (SSH has 2 ports).

Please make sure 22 is allowed and nothing else is in the way.

Also check the user logs in the admin console.

You should see the connections and why they failed for port 22 under the user activity.

I guess I’ve found the problem.
I have 2 resources:

  1. DNS Ports: 80, 443
  2. CIDR Ports: ALL
    And I try to go to by port 22.
    Is it possible that conflict is there?
    The point is when I go to ssh second port - a use the IP (not host name).

P.S.: has IP from previous example

OK. Will next work correct?

  1. DNS * ports 80 443
  2. DNS port 22

Yes. I would say to also add port 22 just because you had it before and that tells me some might be using that.

thanks a lot.
It’s working.
Looks very cool.
I like it.

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