Client updates get pushed to the desktop how?

How are updates for the client pushed to the desktop I currently have version 1.0.27 but I see the latest on the website is 1.0.29.
I right click on the icon updates but it doesn’t take me anywhere to update?

Oh it should. When I click to update it takes me to download. Is there something blocking it?

Rha ks for getting back to me Jason.

I think it needs elevation to run as local admin as our users don’t have that for security reasons. needs elevation.

What is the location and process of this upgrade and I can try and elevate.


I logged out of the user account and logged in with the admin account and it updated without issue. Just not sure how this works when our users don’t have admin rights as I don’t trust them :slight_smile:
Will try and figure something out but wondered how often in a period of time that the client is updated is it often say in a year?

Why would you need administrator privs for end users updating, seems like a security thing giving this access to the worker bees no?

Hey Ketch,

I do understand the frustration with the process.

The big part of it is because Twingate is directly involved in the network portion of the OS (with the TAP adapter/changing DNS servers, etc), a non-admin account won’t have access to things that potentially need to be adjusted as part of an update (such as removing/reinstalling a new version of the TAP adapter).

We’re currently evaluating a potential change to the way the update flow is handled within Windows that would actively prompt for a set of admin credentials at update time, rather than requiring the logout/login steps you mention above, but ultimately in an environment where there are users that don’t have Admin access, we would recommend that the app deployment/update process be handled by a MDM package remotely, rather than requiring direct user input on the workstation(s) themselves, as the admin privilege requirement is unavoidable at this time.



Thanks Arthur. That makes sense. I don’t really know the internal workings of the program but we’ll figure it out on our end with our vendor. Thanks for the clarification on it though.

Hi Arthur
When the ability to have the admin credentials pop up would help for sure. Will I/we be notified when this is in production or will ti just happen at some point?

I notice that most of my users are 1 or 2 versions behind but there seems to be no consistent time that it requires the update from TG. Can I force the update when there is one or does it just sporadically ask. The issue is I need to log in as the admin to do this but when I do sometimes it doesn’t ask to update. Thanks