Installing the Twingate client on Home assistant OS itself

I was wondering if anyone tried to install the client on HASS os itself?
I’m not particularly savvy with linux but i have found out that nmcli is running and connected, connectivity is full. I’m running it via WWAN anyway.

Any help in the right direction to figure out if it’s possible is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Ill give it a shot right now. I am running HA on windows in the VM for hyper visor.

So it looks like a no so far. I don’t see curl for one. I suspect there are going to be numerous other dependencies that are also missing.

I see an SSH add-on that might help, but this is something that certainly wouldn’t be supported.

Thanks for looking into it!

I tried installing it, you have to install Advanced SSH & Web Terminal and toggle Protection mode off in the info page then you can install using docker.

While the container showed OK and it was in the main bridged network but I couldn’t get it to connect.

I’m not well versed with docker and didn’t want to destroy my hassio installation so I removed the container but I would also like to install it there as it is on my personal desktop right now and the HA PI server would be a much better location.

I just formatted the odroid and went full docker on it.
It’s running great so far.
Got my unifi controller, hass and Twingate on there.
Just make sure you make a backup of your automations so you can upload again.