Can't access or ping public website (like when connecting via twingate client

host and port

Hello Everyone

I have installed twingate connector on to of my proxmox container using the following configuration :

  • container 1 : is a proxmox (lxc) container where I have installed the connector with linux command line provided by twingate.
  • container 2 : is a docker container launched on another lxc container (using nested virtualization).

NB : there are Tow separate LXC container, and they showing running fine in the admin console..

and when I connect to my home lab using twingate client (on my Mac) with the following version : 2023.318.5144 | 0.153.0

I can connect to all my resources with no problem, the only problem I got is when I try to connect to a public website like YouTube or google or even Facebook :

  1. first of all I cannot reach those public website from browser, there are unrecognized or unreachable.
  2. and when I investigate a little bit and I run the following command I got this :
  • ❯ ping google → ping : cannot resolve google: Unknown host
  • ❯ nslookup google → ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

please guys , can someone help me with this problem.

thank you in advance guys.

NB : I have actually nslookup and ping but can’t write it in this post because of the restriction of the number of link in the post of the new users.

Hi @aymenechaabaoui,

what Resources have you declared in your Twingate Admin Console? only resources for FQDNs / IPs matching your own stuff in your private network? Or do you have Resources for public domains like google?

(my thinking is that you may have created a Resource in Twingate that captures traffic for something like google which implies that your connector is able to resolve those and that might be the issue).

Hello Bren

All my resources are declared with ip addresses and I and they are all within my home network
However on my router and on my Mac the dns is google dns.

And to clarify one last thing : I cannot access or ping any public domain (YouTube, Facebook,Reddit), it is like there is no internet connection,

UPDATE: I have noticed a strange thing happened , while I m connected to Twingate, I disconnect my Mac from internet (but not from Twingate — don t ask me how but Twingate was always green but wifi is off and there is no wired connection) , the strange thing is that when I have connect my Mac to internet again after 2-3 min: I was able to ping my resources and also all other website but for a short period of time (about 15 min), and after this small interval of time the problem persists again.

Please let me know if I can provide any other information.

Thank @Bren in advance