Unknown network name

Hi, when I try to join network, it says “Unknown network name.” (It seems everything I entered was rejected as unknown network name.) How could I fix the issue? Thank you!

That should really only happen if the network name doesn’t exist on our side, so it doesn’t match up. Is this working on other machines at all, or can you go to networkname.twingate.com and it brings up the Admin Console when you log in?

I am able to log in on another device to the needed network (appen). But on this computer, Appen or whatever network names I enter, Twingate always shows the same error message, “Unknown network name.” The computer runs Window 10, about 3-years old. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

@green you’ll want to reach out to your internal technical support team, it sounds like either the machine or something else installed by them may be interfering with our client somehow. As we don’t have any access to the machine they’d be the best team to help with diagnosing it.