Unable to add EKS cluster with the twingate connector

Hi Team,

I am trying add our staging instance which is running in AWS EKS within twingate. As per the document (Deploying Twingate to AWS EKS | Twingate), i added the cluster’s endpoint but still i am able to access it the cluster without connecting to twingate client. Please advice what can be done.

hi @adishm98,

have you changed the security group configuration in AWS for EKS? It should be made to block access from all IPs except the private IP(s) of your Connectors, this way users will have to be connected to Twingate to be able to connect to the cluster.

Hi @Bren,

Thank you for the insight.

Sorry for asking another question as I am learning and implementing it. Is it possible to block a internal site which running on AWS EKS and make it only accessible when connected to twingate client.

Hi @adishm98,

yes, it should be! using the right settings for the security group, you would be able to achieve this by only allowing the private IP(s) of your Connector(s) to connect to that particular end point.