Slow DNS resolution

We are currently using the annual Teams plan and we are experiencing quite slow DNS resolution times when using Twingate client. Disabling DoH seems to improve the issue a bit, but we are still having problems. For example, when using terraform while connected, we get errors like:

caused by: Post "": dial tcp: lookup []( i/o timeout

If we disconnect from Twingate, the DNS resolution speeds up considerably and the issues are resolved.

Is set up as a twingate resource?
Did you use the “Custom DNS Server” option when deploying the connector?

Would you be able to see if changing the DoH mode from automatic to strict helps with the slowness you are seeing when you have DoH enabled? is an external, common domain for AWS STS service.

It’s just an example. When connected to Twingate the DNS resolution is slow with any external domain when using the following servers:


I will try with strict mode to see if it improves