DNS resolution problems with twin gate and pulse secure clients connected at the same time

I use pulse secure to Connect to my work network. And if I have that connected and the twin gate client connected at the same time then it messes up my DNS resolution. Just trying to ping cnn.com takes 10 seconds. If I disconnect my pulse secure client then everything works fine. Any ideas on how I can work around this issue?


It isn’t uncommon for multiple solutions that provide similar capability to overlap with each other.

I think you have found the solution. Stop Pulse when you are using Twingate or need access to Twingate resources.

Is that an option that will work for you?

Thanks Jason,

Well of course that is one solution but I’m connected to my pulse client all day long and then I’ll occasionally need to use the twingate resources. It would certainly not be ideal to have to disconnect and reconnect all the time. Seems like there should be a solution that would allow both to be connected.

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It sounds like DNS resolution is being grabbed by the other tool. I am not sure we can override that. Can you connect to the resources via IP?