DNS Resolution Issue for SRV Records Through Twingate

Hi, I’m utilizing Twingate for secure access to my network resources hosted on AWS. I’ve run into an issue with DNS resolution of SRV records when connected through Twingate.

Issue Summary

When I attempt to use the dig command to query SRV records, it fails with a timeout error:

dig my-resource.sensitive-domain srv
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

However, if I specify a particular DNS server in the query, it works:

dig @ my-resource.sensitive-domain srv

  • Furthermore, when I’m directly connected to the Twingate Connector without the Twingate Client, the SRV records resolve correctly.

For comparison, A record queries work properly without specifying the DNS server:

dig my-resource.sensitive-domain
my-resource.sensitive-domain. 15 IN A

Request for Assistance

*I would appreciate guidance on how to configure Twingate so that DNS queries for SRV records are resolved correctly through the Twingate Client, without the need to specify the DNS server manually.

Thank you for your support.

also, here is tcpdump of twingate interface when I am making the request

13:50:01.759801 IP > 27005+ [1au] SRV? . (61)
13:50:02.763232 IP > 27005+ [1au] SRV? . (61)
13:50:11.970113 IP > 5652+ [1au] SRV? . (61)
13:50:12.975531 IP > 5652+ [1au] SRV? . (61)

Do we have any kind of support here?:slight_smile:

Hi Edgar,

We do our best to monitor the forums and answer in a timely manner, so I apologize for the delay.

Would you please email me at arthur (at) twingate.com - the output of the following commands from both your Twingate client machine as well as the box the Connector is running on:

dig [resource] srv
dig +notcp [resource] srv
dig +tcp [resource] srv

(Where [resource] is the hostname in question)

And I can investigate what might be going on a bit further!



Hi Arthur!

Thanks for the support. I sent an email with the all necessary information.

Thank you