[Request] Capability of Remote Connector Update

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the product. It has been the perfect streamlining of my work. Thank you, team!

As part of the maintenance work, there is a need to update the connectors and it’s tedious work to log on to each connector and update them manually. Of course, there’s probably an expectation that if you have two connectors on a network, you can update the connector one at a time, but it’s not that simple, to be honest.

My suggestion here is: With a click of a button on the WebGUI, these installed connectors will be updated remotely. I understand that the concern here is probably the dependency of other installed packages or libraries. But perhaps you could ignore such cases by saying that this is a recommended method only for those connectors that are installed on the machines for the sole purpose of being a “jump box”.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @danbraun,

would you consider scheduling a cron job to update Connectors automatically?

Oh that does sound like a plan…but how would you do that aside from using ‘apt’ on Debian?

the Connector on Linux, I think, is only distributed as a debian package so unsure if there is another method to install, let alone update. what distro are you on?